The Practice: Shipping Creative work by Seth Godin -Summary

The Practice: Shipping Creative work by Seth Godin -Summary
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First of all, what does shipping creative work mean?

Shipping because if you don’t share it, it doesn’t count.

Creative because you’re not a cog in the wheel, you’re solving a genuine problem and making things better.

Work because it’s not a hobby you may not get paid for it, but you do it regardless.

This book is especially for creatives it is about creating art that you’re proud of. Do the work, then you can become the thing you want to be. Intentions matter much more than actions.

The Practice

Most of us live our lives based on set patterns created by somebody else. Those set patterns give set outcomes and forces us to comply, but it doesn’t have to be that way? Follow the steps and you’ll be rewarded, it says, but will you be happy?

The Bhagavad-Gita says, “It is better to follow your own path, however imperfectly than to follow someone else’s perfectly.”

The practice focuses on creating art. Creating art is generous, even though it may not work. The practice establishes your identity as we become what we do.

The practice is about committing to the process over and over again, and one day you can serve people. It might not earn you applause or make you money, but it certainly helps you to make a difference.

The Process

The Practice involves showing up and taking a swing the process is taking that swing.

The process is doing the work without being attached to the outcome. When we attach ourselves to the outcome, we will sacrifice the process.

Seth Godin has now written over 7000 blog posts. If you start with that number in mind, you’re never even going to start. Instead, just show up and write consistently without the outcome in mind.

Show up do your best and learn from it and rinse and repeat. Just focus on the process and don’t worry about the prize.

When you start to focus on the prize is when things start to go wrong, you get tired and frustrated because you’re doing it for the outcome and it shows you’re not enjoying the process.

Rather than trying to find your passion, it would make a lot more sense if you loved what you do.

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is the feeling of being unprepared and having self-doubt. Why did they pick me? Am I worthy? Do I deserve this opportunity?

You shouldn’t want to get rid of this feeling. It means you’re onto something and doing something right. No one is perfectly qualified to do anything.

If you’re not feeling this, then there is something wrong you’re not trying hard enough. Be paranoid about mediocrity and give your best effort. Don’t settle for good enough it is defined in advance.

Your work is not for everyone

Regardless of what you do, people will always have an opinion. You can’t be good enough for everyone, but you can be good enough for someone. Find that smallest viable audience and do your best creative work.

Stop taking criticism too personal and understand that your work is not for everyone. Seth Godin stopped reading reviews on Amazon 10 years ago. A one-star review doesn’t mean you did a bad job it means the wrong person read your book.

Embrace a pattern that offers no guarantee. Your work is not going to be for everyone. Successful people have followed this pattern. The person who fails the most wins.

It would be horrible if you died with what you have inside of you without letting the world know because of insecurity and judgment.

If you’re not creating, you’re disintegrating.

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