Build Don’t Talk by Raj Shamani – Summary

Build Don't Talk by Raj Shamani - Summary
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I had a lot of hopes for this book Build Don’t Talk looking at the title and all but I was disappointed yet gain. Let me elaborate further.

I think The problem started when Ankur Warikoo released Do Epic Shit. Now Influencers believe anyone can write a book.

Ankur Warikoo’s formula was to take all of his gyaan from all his different platforms and spin it into a book. That was the birth of Do Epic Shit and now he also has a sequel called Get Epic Shit done which I won’t read even If I was paid to.

I’m no author but if you want to write a non-fiction book try covering one topic. Don’t go to the moon and back like you know everything. I found it extremely difficult to finish this book and I could not conjure much from it.

Looking at Raj Shamani’s content on Youtube I thought I could vibe with this book but I honestly couldn’t. I could agree with some points that he said in the beginning because I have also had the same journey coming from a middle-class background but after a point, I was lost.

Who is Raj Shamani?

Raj Shamani is a well-respected public speaker who has given presentations in numerous countries for a variety of brands.

He has a reputation for being able to hold the attention of his audience and impart valuable insights in a captivating manner.

With over a decade of experience, Raj’s talks are based on his own experiences and he is not afraid to speak candidly about the struggles he has faced. As a result of his powerful and authentic delivery, he has consistently received enthusiastic applause from his listeners.

Raj Shamani also has a course on GrowthSchool for those of you interested to learn about Public Speaking.

Raj Shamani’s TedTalk.

What is Build don’t talk about?

Build don’t talk should have been a blog post like this and not a book. It had no business being 210 pages long.

Looking back at school I feel let down. I didn’t really learn a whole apart from little bit of math and language that I use today. Everything else was basically useless. Our Education system is extremely outdated there’s no doubt about it and that’s where we need to learn for ourselves.

Most people believe education is over after school but it hasn’t even started yet in my opinion. Those people will stay where they are and won’t make any major moves. The ones who are always learning and investing in themselves will be leaders of the future.

As students, we were taught specific subjects in school like math and history. But there are so many important skills that we never learned in school, skills that are crucial for success as adults.

For example, we weren’t taught how to sell, how to build relationships, how to negotiate, or how to take care of our mental health. We also weren’t taught how to network or deal with personal finance.

It can be frustrating to feel like we weren’t given the tools we need to succeed. We might feel dumb or like the success stories we hear about are out of reach. But the truth is, we just weren’t taught these skills in school. It’s not that we’re dumb – it’s that we don’t know how to work the system.

Think about it – school taught us how to run in the race, but it didn’t teach us how to win. That’s where Raj Shamani’s book Build don’t talk comes in. Based on his own journey as an entrepreneur and content creator, this book is packed with advice on how to win the race.

Here are just a few things I wish I had learned in school:

  1. The importance of life insurance
  2. What money really is and how it works
  3. Investing and understanding the stock market
  4. How to create content and build a brand online
  5. How to analyze numbers and make informed decisions
  6. The power of social media and how to delegate work effectively
  7. Understanding my own risk appetite
  8. The value of insurance in protecting my assets
  9. The importance of networking and starting a side hustle
  10. The importance of savings and how to create a budget.

These are just a few examples of the valuable lessons that can help us succeed as adults, lessons that we weren’t taught in school. Here’s something You didn’t know about Raj Shamani’s Entrepreneurial Pursuits.

Here are my ratings For the book, I would give it a rating of 2 Stars and I’m being generous. If you are thinking of reading Build don’t talk the content is too generic but I hope you share a different opinion and you enjoy it.

Rating: 2 out of 5.


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