The Furious Method by Tyson Fury – Summary

The Furious Method by Tyson Fury – Summary
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The Furious Method by Tyson Fury is the sequel to Behind the mask. In the furious method, Tyson fury gives some much-needed detail on how to overcome depression and mental health problems from his perspective and how he did it.

I just got finished reading with the furious method after watching the trilogy between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

In the furious method, Tyson Fury openly speaks about his mental health issues and how he used Exercise and Goal-setting to get over them.

The Furious Method

Tyson Fury came up with the furious method during the pandemic. He and his wife Paris maintained a digital journal and posted their daily fitness routine on Instagram.

The Furious Method is not a definite cure for mental health issues. It’s Tyson’s philosophy and something that helped him get over the dark cloud of depression and it’s not going to be for everybody, but it can certainly help.

If you are feeling mentally unwell, it’s suggested to get medical help from a psychologist or your GP. Exercise and Goal Setting form the framework for the furious method. Control what you can and you are miles ahead of the rest.

The book is divided into 12 chapters like 12 rounds in a boxing fight and each chapter starts with a series of exercises that you can do followed by a personal anecdote from Tyson and success stories of famous individuals who got over depression.

Tyson Fury on depression

Depression is a silent killer that takes a lot of lives. It’s a silent pandemic.

So what is depression exactly?

Depression is a feeling of unhappiness, loneliness, and misery. It’s a mental illness. You are either born with it or you develop it due to various reasons.

Tyson thinks mental health needs to be addressed and be spoken about openly. You don’t know what someone is going through and they just need some talking to.

After the victory over Wladimir Klitschko Tyson Fury fell into depression. He was 3 years out of the ring and abused his body and mind. Depression had got the better of him.

“If mental health can bring somebody as big and strong as me to my knees, then it could bring anybody to their knees.”

Tyson Fury

He had everything a man could want. Money, Power, Wealth, and fame, and yet something was missing. There was a void in his life and it had to be filled.

It doesn’t make sense why a grown, intelligent, successful man like him would want to take his own life.

It’s because of the demons and devils that battle in one’s own head on a daily basis. It’s unexplainable and they have to come out and speak out. There’s no weakness or shame in addressing a problem.

How Tyson Fury overcame depression and anxiety?

There is no exact remedy for depression. It’s a lifelong battle you must endure. No amount of medication or therapy can completely cure depression.

Taking your mind out of that feeling is possible.

You can exercise, dance, draw and create something to fill that void. Exercise, as per studies, has shown to release hormones like endorphins and dopamine, which aid in feeling good, and when you’re depressed, feeling good is not a bad thing.

In the furious method, Tyson Fury suggests exercise and goal setting were the primary components he used to get back from the dump.

Tyson Fury before and after depression
Image Source – Sky News

He stopped drinking, binge eating, and doing drugs to regain the heavyweight championship of the world and he beat Wilder for the third time today in one of the greatest heavyweight fights in recent time.

Let’s speak about it in open. There’s no shame in being depressed. If it can take the heavyweight champion of the world down, it can take anyone down.

There’re many helplines and medical centers which can help those suffering from it.

Being depressed is ok but not addressing it and taking your own life is not. You’re not helping anybody, you’re just passing on the pain.

Let’s do it together and beat depression.


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