Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin – Summary

Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin – Summary
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Free Prize Inside

Free Prize Inside is the sequel to Purple Cow, and it teaches you how to make a Purple Cow. When Free Prize Inside first came out, it actually came in a cereal box, it was a Purple Cow it created word of mouth and it sold close to 200,000 copies. Purple Cow, on the other hand, came in milk cartons and sold 150,000 copies. This shows that creating an impact does not have to very expensive.

Remember the days when cereal companies made a killing on their product because they advertised that they had a Free Prize Inside? They captured every kid’s attention. Everyone loves a free prize at the bottom of the cereal box.

A Free Prize is making a product or service worth talking about and with people talking the word will eventually spread. A Free Prize requires innovation and creativity. It must be an anomaly, it must be worth talking about.

Soft Innovation

Soft Innovation is innovation anyone can do. Genius not required. A Soft Innovation is something that the marketer sees if it catches on, then it becomes a Free Prize. A product or service that carries a free prize is a purple cow. We buy what we want, not what we need, and we want soft innovations.

The People who make things happen are Champions and they are less in demand. Champions are innovators they make sure that soft innovations turn into reality and reach the marketplace.

Soft Innovation
There’s a reason we reward champions

Champions make things happen. They turn No into Yes. Becoming a champion is up to you.

Examples of Soft Innovation

  • Jeff Bezos Knew that advertising was dead

Jeff Bezos understood that advertising was dead. Instead of dumping money into TV ads, he chose to provide free shipping instead. Jeff Bezos abandoned the TV industrial complex and created a Soft Innovation.

Many pundits proclaimed the death of Amazon for coming up with this idea, but when the results were in Sales for the year were up 37 percent. International growth was an astonishing 81 percent.

  • How Purple Cow became a bestseller

The idea behind Seth Godin’s purple cow was to create a product so good that it was worth talking about, and he did just that. The first 10,000 copies came in a milk carton and it flabbergasted people. The first print of Free Prize Inside came inside a real cereal box. It generated a lot of buzz and it got people talking.

  • Apple’s iPod

Apple’s iPod was one of the main reasons why people stopped going into record stores to buy music. You can spend half as much hold even more music and you also get a beautiful industrial design and efficient user interface with your iPod.


Edgecraft is a methodological process that allows people and teams to identify soft innovations. In order to succeed with Edgecraft, you must be willing to go all the way to the edges.

In order for a Free Prize to work second best is not an option, being remarkable is mandatory. For Edgecrafting to work, find a product or service that’s going to matter to your consumer and go all the way to the edge.

For example, if you’re running a restaurant where the free prize is your food, then it has to be exceptional. It can’t be also like the other’s it has to be remarkable and all the way to the edge.

How to invent a Free Prize

You can identify a Free Prize by figuring out what’s broken among your competitors. Finding a Free Prize is not the hard part, trying to get people behind the idea and championing it is what’s difficult.

It’s all marketing now. The organizations that win will be the ones that realize that all they must do is create things worth talking about.

For a Free Prize to work always Under-promise, Overdeliver, and exceed people’s expectations. Free Prize Inside is the next big marketing idea.


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