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Blue Ocean Strategy – Summary

Blue Ocean Strategy – Summary

Blue Ocean Strategy was developed by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim in 2005 after studying and analyzing 150 businesses in different industrial sectors in the last 100-years. Blue Ocean Strategy talks about creating a

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Win or Learn by John Kavanagh - Summary

Win or Learn by John Kavanagh – Summary

Win or Learn by John Kavanagh is his story of how MMA exploded in Ireland and globally, recounting the extraordinary journey he took to become a guru to young fighters. The book was published after

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Rework by Jason Fried - Summary

Rework by Jason Fried – Summary

Jason Fried from Basecamp, along with his coworker David Heinemeier, came up with the book Rework in 2010. Rework talks about reimagining the way you work. If you want to start a business or your

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